I was born in the 80s as a baby boy. I grew up like normal boys. Doing normal things. I did spend quite a lot of my early youth in parks, waste land, and on the beach. Often though I would do strange things like disassembling stuff to see how technology worked and building tree houses, or 'bases' was another popular pastime.

Forward to the 90s. The internet took off in the UK and I embraced this new technology.Why play manhunt down the park when you can play counterstike online? It seemed like a no-brainer to me. I remember counterstike because it was the first game that I played online. Like you always remember you first kiss, your first girlfriend, your first time doing the old hows your father... For those that don't know counterstrike is a game were one team are terrorists and the other team are counter-terrorists, the teams had objectives depending on the scenario. Shooting people on a videogame is fun. Maybe gratuitous violence is a bad thing but it's fun.

time to get serious!
I could write loads more about gaming, LAN arenas, consoles and stuff. How my brother and I had set up four pcs in the back room of our child hood home so our friends could come over to play games like Serious Sam, Medal of Honour and of course Age Of Empires! but I'll skip ahead...

I was 16 and in my final year at school. It was the end of the Christmas holiday and I had a cold. It wasn't just a cold though. It was like I would get vertigo then fall over then throw up. I took a week off school, then my parents demand that I go to school. So I left for school with my brother. I could barely walk all the way. I have no idea how I managed not to get run over. I remember not being at all comfortable crossing the main road at the top of the street we lived on. Anyway we got there only for me to literally fall into the class room.
I did these when I was younger
but older than I'd like to admit

Lucky I was a bit early so only a couple people on the corridor would have heard that. Anyway I got up glad no one noticed and went to my seat. My form was in a science room. so it was a stool at a table. Stools are the least supportive seat. I find it odd that bar stools are so common. Anyway the table held me up. Mr Ollerhead, my form tutor arrived and could see that I was genuinely ill. I think he took me to the technicians room after form and I puked a bit. So we travelled across the school to the office.and I went to the doctors when my mom arrived.

This needs explaining..
I can't explain it.
There was worry that I had a brain tumour so it was all a bit fast I think. I was up at the hospital having a MRI that afternoon. The scans where clear though and the paediatrician noticed some symptoms that were common to a rare disease. I had a blood test, I was glad I wasn't going to die imminently and I went home.

The blood test results came back. I was diagnosed. I was already feeling much better. I was told I had a genetic neurological disorder... I'd be using a wheelchair soon and I didn't really absorb anything after then.

True story.
I had home tutoring to make up the month or so of missed school and I went to school some days to work on my gcse art. I took my exams at school. I passed everything except ICT yes ICT!!! what happened there is that back then IT teachers where actually just maths teachers or even geography teachers who weren't very good. So the coursework I had was never specified. It's frustrating because I could have done it in an afternoon probably.

Sixth form went by and I started at university. 300 miles away from home. I was independent and stubborn. I'd walk about a little clumsily. Take a break and walk a little more... I fractured my foot on the first day of uni falling down a fire escape! It was my birthday. I spent all day in A+E. I got back to the flat in the evening. My foot hurt so much there was no way I would go out to party.

Halfway through the second year I couldn't walk anywhere. Maybe the wheelchair prophecy was correct. Maybe I can't beat inevitability.

So I went to live with my Dad. My parents split up during the whole diagnosis time. It wasn't related I don't think. So I got sorted with an NHS wheelchair. everything was put in place for support when I returned to university and after a bit of RnR and adjustment I returned to university.

some burger king?
One and a half years later I had heart failure - that's a lovely long story. While at hospital I had a some pens and pencils and a couple pads so I'd write notes of everything and draw storyboards all about the event. Maybe I'll make it into a movie one day!

I took another sabbatical this time to recover from a week of intensive care and 10 days on a cardio ward only the last week I wasn't bed bound. so I had major muscle wastage I needed to fix. I wasn't able to stand up anymore. I used to be able to manage just standing up not walking now I need a bar to balance. Even using a bar was impossible for a while.

A year later and I met my wife.
in 2012 we married on Halloween.

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