Sunday, 21 August 2016

... And did my bestest retard wave.
My then fiance wasn't impressed, her luggage was being carted around by an assistant guy at Heathrow. He was pretty confused because I was on my own. "No one is with you?" "No, they let us go outside on our own now." This was not the ostentatious public display of affection that my wife wanted but didn't want. For a few reasons. 1: I always try to make everything a joke. 2:I'm British.

Actually it's a deeper issue about self-esteem, confidence and being a wheelchair user. Well an unco-ordinated seemingly drunk wheelchair user. Anyway I'm at the top of my writing game. My best words are not yet written. So I'm going to wrap this introduction up with an unrelated photo and then write about politics. It's going to be the best blog.

So one thing that I am finding really entertaining is this guy called Donald Trump. His unedited speeches are pretty funny. It's been an infinite source of easy jokes for all the American late shows. But, underneath it all. It's the same thing.
The right versus the left. Well centre left.

Right & Left = Selfish & Selfless
It's all it is. Whichever country. The options are:
[] Selfish
[] Slightly less Selfish
[] Self Serving
[] Also Ran.

Less government = tax cuts
You get to keep your hard earned money.
Really only the wealthy benefit from tax cuts. Which you may think is fair but they are only wealthy because society has bestowed them riches or somewhere people have been cheated of their fair share or fate. All the cuts will of course effect the poorest and most vulnerable of a society first.
It is beyond me why people don't see this. Or they see this and just keep doing it because that's how it is. Q: Why are the poorly educated voting overwhelmingly Trump?

Anyway I just want to say that I'm sorry, I'm not sorry, that I'm writing blogs less often. The low engagement of this content is a great source of disappointment... I'll leave that open to interpretation.

I was going to write about artificial intelligence and make this post a prelude of an insightful dissertation on the true mystery of the universe: Life.

Jeremy Corbyn, he has some good ideas.

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