Wednesday, 2 December 2015

So what is this about. I saw this and how people got upset but really it's just an il-conceived concept. Get over it!

The LEAST Racist person IN THE WORLD!!!
I am of course referring to future president (of the world!) Donald Trump. The best president that ever lived ever. He "will be so good at the military, your head will spin." He "will be the greatest jobs president god ever created." Obviously his "IQ is one of the highest"... I bet £50 with A that he will be the republican nomination.

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We went to the O2 and it was a really good venue. We stayed in a Hotel and travelled to and from the show by boat. It worked out well.


We went to see Paul Foot. Not much happened. Except the taxis wouldn't take power chairs. Then I saw a bus. It passed where we were going. Sometimes bus drivers don't take two chairs even though there is enough space. But on the way there the driver was nice enough to allow it.


I was going to Liverpool for a surprise 30th and as it happened the day before Paul Foot was doing a secret show. Unfortunately A wasn't able to come so instead I took my friend.

Liverpool 1 & 2
Surprise Parties. No.
Babies. No.

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Mostly I've been working...

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