Thursday, 25 June 2015

This month I've not had much time to write my bloggy-wog. I completed a few projects and started new ones. Work is infinite. It's interesting though in a weird way. Better (more autonomous) software improve work flows. More efficient work flows mean more work can be done (faster, by less skilled or even fewer workers). Obviously automation improves accuracy as there is much less space for human error. There has been a 5000% reduction in the identification of insulting board across the Cheshire area in the last 2 years. This has greatly improved the situation regarding hostile work environments as far fewer obscenities are hurled at inspectors from seemingly innocuous panels.

At times I've considered how this sort of thing can be used to replace governments with like a global autonomous system. The problem is, those with power want more power not less. They want to maintain all the unfairness in the world. They don't want to share. They want to be selfish. So no matter how amazing it would be. How it would free everyone from debt and unshackle us from this bizarre notion that money is wealth and wealth is happiness. It is improbable.

Meanwhile Earth enters extinction phase. I am unable to understand why things like that are actually happening and the capitalist governments refuse to do anything* about it. *except make the situation worse.

Next month I'm going to see Paul Foot again and my Dad is going to stay with us for a bit.
Then, after that, wife and I are going to see:
Clue: Jamaican fella selling bananas, no one wants any. N.D.

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