Friday, 8 May 2015

OAPs probably shouldn't.
16 year olds probably should.

The greens didn't make much progress. Sigh.
I'm going to try to move to Brighton obviously that's what people have done. UKIP got quite a few second places which is a bit sad. Who the f votes tory? Don't they know any disabled/vulnerable/ill/poor people? The terrible, selfish, and ignorant fools.

Soon they'll be unemployed it's inevitable.

Anyway funny story. I was getting ready to go out and just fell forward smashing my face into the bathroom wall. Much blood escaped. Afterwards I went to vote. I arrive and say my address which obviously they mishear because my voice isn't clear. They think I said Lodge when I said Larch. They give me directions to another polling station. I get there after 10mins and they too mishear me. But when they can't find my name I realise they think I said Lodge. I straighten that out and they say where I need to go. Yes obviously I was at the right place first time.

After I've voted for the green candidates and got home my door shut. D'artagnan had sneaked out and when he realised he had no food outside he came back to whinge and scratch at the door. He had to wait a few minutes because I was transferring into my inside chair. Then he came running in.

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