Sunday, 17 May 2015

Cola Related Failure
Recently I tried and failed to bring my 6 year old computer back to life. It was six years old but it was once a high performance machine so I was expecting a bit more than no life at all. I had to call it and resigned, saving the hard disk drives. So I hit Amazon and put together some components. I made a few revisements so that it ended up costing just under £500. Then Dan sourced even cheaper sellers who all dispatched stuff with varying levels of inefficiency.

This is what I got:

I'm still waiting for the solid state hard drive to be delivered. However, I decided to start putting the pieces together yesterday. I did record video so I might make a vlog of it in the future. I found it very frustrating though. I thought it'd all be easy like that time I thought I could still ride a bike.

Micro Electronics require some co-ordination to assemble and I lack that but I have much determination and a good amount of patience. So when something didn't go right I tried again and again and again and again. I eventually did get it all put together pretty well. It's the tidiest pc build I've done and it booted up first time.

I won't bore you with the technical details. This isn't the first computer I've put together. I've been playing with the insides of electronics since I was 10. I remember unscrewing the broken* VHS player in 1996 convinced I was going to use the PCBs to create an advanced robot. *it may not have been when I started unscrewing it.

It was difficult doing it from a wheelchair. Not impossible.

I'm going to see Mr Paul Foot telling his jokes tomorrow night. It should be fun :)

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