Wednesday, 11 March 2015

So we have finally applied for my wifes indefinite leave to remain. Last week. The most surprising things about this process have been:
The cost
It's not been cheap and the prices seem to double each year which brings me to:
The durations
Before you can apply for the ILR you now have to wait till you have lived in the UK (With appropriate visas) for 5 years. Luckily we could apply under the old rules (after the 2 year spousal visa)

It's not easy to be an immigrant (Unless within the EU) but why all the fuss? Why not let people live wherever they want?

We went to Southampton in February so my wifey could do the Life in the UK test. Which was a ridiculous test covering such important day to day knowledge like tudor infidelity, the importance of 4ft walls, the going rate for a dragon slaying during Arthurs fictitious rule, and the importance of the Welsh Assembly.

After she passed the test we went for dinner. We ate at pretty good Carribean place. Turtle Bay it was really good I'd recommend it.
conservativeLine breaks: con|ser¦va|tive
Pronunciation: /kənˈsəːvətɪv/ 
(Of a person, action, or motivelacking consideration for other peopleconcerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure:People vote conservative for selfish reasons

It's strange to me that anyone has right wing ideas. How can people justify it? "I earn £200k a week, and 50% tax is too much."

In other news I'm trying to finalise my ideas for a mobile game. I know for sure it wont be f2p (free to play). I loathe the constant nickle and diming (micro-transactions). Forcing gamers into endless real-world transactions is a literally gamebreaking mechanic.

It's not fun, it breaks immersion, and annihilates flow.

For an idea of some games I did try: eg 1 and eg 2.
Questions I'm hardly ever asked:
Will the next game be zombie based. Probably. I am going for mass market appeal.
Will it feature voice acting. Probably. But not my voices since I no longer have any vocal range.

The conclusion of this entry:
Sorry about not posting more regularly but I work too hard!

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