Thursday, 18 December 2014

A while ago the postman delivered a package. What was unusual was his grin and the fact the parcel easily could have gone through the post box. There was no need for human interaction. Unnecessary people, all small talk, and people generally are annoying.

The package was for 'Steven Von Poopenstinker'.

Oh how he and my wife laughed.

What I did was: Did some cute graphics for a website promoting the no-nonsense corporate business software that von poopenstinker and Danielle have been developing.

Then  joked about how we can use them like merchandise. Like the insurance company that gives customers a meerkat toy. I thought that would be funny so I found someone on Etsy to make some toys...

I sent them to the office addressed to Danielle enclosed was a note: "Von sends his regards."

I love their expressions. They are pretty cute really.

We need to manufacture them in the thousands for our marketing campaign. Consumer focussed Asbestos and Fire Safety services.

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