Sunday, 2 November 2014

Friday began with a trip to the Golden Arches to get a couple McMuffins. Which I brought home and we ate. I fell asleep with my head on the table. At lunchtime Sarah from the newspaper came around to take some photographs. There was also a story here:

In the evening we went out for a meal and to watch a movie. To celebrate Halloween and our 2nd wedding anniversary. Originally we were going to leave at around 5-6. However, there was someone who came trick or treating so we decided to wait until later to leave.

We headed out. It could just be this area but 3-4 times on the way to where we were going we got some unnecessary attention. Pointing, laughing, and stuff.

It continued throughout the night. A was really upset by one encounter on the way from the restaurant to the cinema. (A short distance, some may say a stones throw away.) There was a group of people, Revellers even, one of them jumped in front of her - so she stopped. "Oh my god, isn't she just disgusting, look at her she makes me sick..." he was part of a group of about a dozen and no one thought to stop what was happening.

We went to see Horns which was an interesting film. It begins well and it hooks you. It has a good few comical moments. If you're a Daniel Radcliffe fan I'd say to check it out. It is a little sad but any emotional response is soon squashed when the film pushes too far into the fantastical. It's essentially a tragic tale. Gratuitous tits, superfluous comedy, even a scene of homosexuality, drug abuse, and debauchery. A classical bit of drama. This isn't much of a review really.

The plan was to open presents when we got in. The cats had a different plan. Somehow they had (again) clambered up the velvet covering our sideboard which had (again) caused everything on top to now not be. (Again!) This broke a spooky snowglobe A had found in TK Max. So there was glass, water, and bits all over the floor...

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