Sunday, 19 October 2014

So I refreshed my blog look a little. New me looking logos and typefaces. A few days later I fixed up a Halloween look which will stay for a while. Since Halloween is a big thing for us.

Hopefully my electric wheelchair will arrive soon! I'm also hopeful about finding a new place to live. I really need to have a workspace with space to get a proper computer set up. My laptop just isn't powerful enough.

Oh yeah, I got a house design finished quite a while ago. However, I think I have some better ideas anyway I think I need to prioritise being rich first. I'm sure the new business will do that! Especially my secret division (which I'll tell you about soon). Anyway lets look at the house:
top left: Ground Floor, top right: 2nd Floor (roof)
bottom left to right: Basement, 1st Floor, Overview
Since making this image I have added double doors and a balcony to the main bedroom on the first floor. I realised otherwise it'd be pretty difficult to get furniture up there. The spiral staircase would probably be in marble wrapped around the central elevator.

I wish I was an architect the trouble is I'm enjoying my crucial work in the Asbestos/Environmental industry! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.Well anyway I need to be making games. That's what I want to do.

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  1. Oh, what electric wheelchair are you getting? o:

    1. an Otto Bock B400 it could be set to 4mph or 6mph but I went with 4 because at 6 I'll end up hitting people who don't watch where they are going. I'll probably write about it at some point.


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