Saturday, 25 October 2014

Thinking back to the scottish referendum... The voter turnout was pretty impressive. I thought surely that the UK was breaking up. For general elections (those popularity contests were identical puppets compete to allegedly represent peoples voices in a far away mystical tower of whiteness) the turnout is probably 65% which is infuriating. Are 65% of 18+ convinced by this illusion of choice? For the yes, no question 84.5% of Scottish people over 16 wasted their time voting.

Novel way of counting

I'm not saying it has always been a waste of time nor am I belittling the efforts of people who have campaigned about voter rights. I am saying today the political system is completely corrupt and not upto date. Why can't there be systems for immediate referendum and a more direct form of democracy. Like they have in Sweden but online. Then weird counting methods that look suspicious wouldn't happen.

Also Russell Brand did a book. It's pretty good. You can download it free* here:
*as part of a free 30 day trial which is £7.99/month usually.

Oh and in other news, hoverboards soon.

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