Sunday, 16 March 2014

Right so I have been super busy recently because of my professional and personal life. The time I have available in a day to spend awake is hampered at the moment too... Yes my thyroid results came back. I had to wait to see the GP to see the actual results since obviously the patient has no business even attempting to understand what is happening with their health. Obliterated to smithereens most likely. My thyroid is MIA. So hormones must be ingested daily. Unfortunately my GP was a little cautious prescribing me with hormones so it's going to be a slow path to normalization.

The good news is my heart rate is now always slow. There are tons of negative things though, as this rather beautiful visual aid demonstrates.

I've noticed that it's been harder to get into the zone - where thinking outside the box is a meaningless bit of smalltalk (German for small talk). The zone is where ones head  must be to be able to program. It's a magic place. I've developed a technique - well adapted the technique all men use to avoid listening. To respond yes and yeah to everything. It lets me avoid having to leave the state where I am in the zone at full flow to enter the real world to consider the question. Yes the brain is a super fast computer but that switch takes a while and reaching flow again takes forever. There are some negatives to answering yes to everything but a lot less than swallowing a radioactive iodine pill...
The Zone is known as Flow

Distractions are bad especially when I'm finding I am easy to be distracted. So productivity is suffering. Somehow I'm still functioning and getting stuff done which is all that matters. Though it takes a toll and so on days like today I sleep way too much.

This video is amazing. I watch it often. I guess it's akin to reading a silly book of extraordinary examples of blatant witchcraft. But without then accusing many, many people of witchcraft during centuries of persecution...

Why is there religion? Why is there professional sport? Why is the distribution of wealth and resources so unfair? What sort of society punishes, stigmatises, and increases hardship on the most vulnerable? Why does flight MH370 matter so much? Why all the secrecy? The media has been misleading people. Why? Is it linked to 9/11? The trident. What does it mean? What's happening with Ukraine, Russia and Crimea. Why did China abstain?

How big are the biggest 'problems'? How insignificant we are. Really.

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