Friday, 3 January 2014

This is a list of electronic wheelchairs that I think offer some unique features and I intend to try them out to see if they are actually useful. Except for the last one. I'll write a review when I've tried them.

The thing about dissability is the varying level of disability. This is a list of wheelchairs that interest me. It's not a list of wheelchairs I recommend. Buying an electric wheelchair is quite a big purchase. These machines cost the equivalent of a small car. Infact most 5 door cars cost less than these chairs!

That is an advert... Well don't bother buying one. Especially
if it's because you see this. These cars are nothing special.

When I started to use a wheelchair a few years ago. I liked that I used a manual chair. I also liked that I found quite a unique wheelchair. The Trekinetic K2. It was the 264th one made. It's a bit more common now though. 600 exist in their various configurations. I still use the Trekinetic when I go outside. I like how a lot of people notice it. The next big purchase I'm planning to make is for a power chair. I'll still use a manual indoor and on nice days outside. However, a power chair will benefit me in many ways. As always aesthetics and technology come before silly things like practicality and erm other sensibilities.

Observer 4x4

The awesome thing about this is that it can manage stairs and virtually any terrain. It's pretty ugly though. "You can't polish a turd" but maybe if I removed the plastic, replaced bits with shiny metals like titanium and used some carbon fibre. Fix the wheels and totally change the seat. Possibly it'd be ok. I'm torn between one of these and the...

Trekinetic GTE

It looks like a modern wheelchair should. However, the seat is not 'good' for your back according to able bodied wheelchair 'experts'. It's not an every day chair really. I'd only use it to go out and I don't think it would manage on stairs so well. It'd certainly cope with uneven terrain though.

Four Power Four

This chair seems interesting but it's not quite as versatile as the Observer 4x4 (which is better value for money). Again it's 4x4. Which is cool. Though the angles are not good enough for most stairs and the roll-bar looks ridiculous. it'd be fun to roll down an incline and test out the roll bar which I would expect I'd do quite often.

Segway Chair

This is a bit of an ooh interesting thing. It has potential... for serious injury/death. I don't think I would feel comfortable trusting something like this. What if one wheel catches a wall and it spins out and goes crazy? We've all seen able bodied people fall off Segways. And then there is this...
However, there is this,

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