Monday, 20 January 2014

A few days ago I went to the Nuclear Medicine part of the hospital to take a radio-iodine capsule which will kill the thyroid nodules I have. It will also probably destroy more of my thyroid than it is supposed to.
That's ok though because the pill I took to suppress the thyroid was a drug but the pill that I'll take in the future, maybe, is a hormone.

I have drugs for my heart problems though so it's a bit silly. What exactly was the point?

  • Small chance it'll destroy the right amount of Thyroid
  • Maybe it'll destroy too little in which case I am expected to repeat the feat
  • Most likely it'll destroy too much Thyroid and I'll need to take tablets daily

It's a world of bullshit.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs
courtesy of wikipedia
We have been watching Channel 4's Benefit Street which is an interesting programme. I suppose it is quite entertaining to sit at home and Judge people less fortunate than you. They aren't really less fortunate than me though. They aren't Physically disabled; they are just unable to hold down a job. I guess that is a disability. It's a grey area of who is less fortunate.

What irritates me in my day to day life is the presumption or even prejudice that I am in fact an unemployed genital free Ken doll. When I was at the hospital for the nuclear infusion the sister/nurse/nuclear scientist was running through the list of safety precautions that I must abide by for varying times. (For example I have to sleep on our sofa until the 4th of February.) She said  "I don't know if it is possible for you..." I knew she'd fallen into the old disabled people surely don't have sex trap. "Try to avoid fathering any children for 6 months." She wasn't deliberately ignorant, if one can even be deliberately ignorant, what I mean is I didn't perceive any nastiness.

Speaking of nastiness. The UKIP councillor who defended his stance of blaming recent storms and heavy floods across Britain on the legalisation of gay marriage has been suspended from UKIP. Yesterday they defended his right to spout nonsense but today they have remembered that Freedom of Speech is not a real thing. I wonder how this turned out... Unbelievably after 12 days he was eating again! Hunger strike is a more effective form of protest than self immolation. It was probably coincidental though.

When I got out of hospital after my heart failure episode I left university and for a while I was unemployed. Unfortunately being in a wheelchair just finding work can be next to impossible. Unison say for every job 4 people apply. I tried to get the local job centre to help me find something but unfortunately the people working there tend to write off people with a disability before they even know what sort of work you can do. I have quite a vast range of skill sets including video editing, 3D modelling, image editing, and both online and offline programming. At the time I was au-fait with industry standard software like Premiere, 3DSMAX, Maya, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. I also told the woman I was seeing that I was able to do less specialised work like general office work, basically I would have taken any job except manual work which I physically can't do. But the job centre is more than happy to just let people sign on. Otherwise they'd all be jobless themselves.

When I was out of work I used to go to a centre for disabled people every week. Unfortunately I couldn't get my head around it. The staff set tasks that were without any purpose other than wasting time. It reminded me of second/high school. Except there was no syllabus, meaningful qualifications, or raison d'ĂȘtre. I wondered why the local council did not support it properly so that community magazines and other council stuff could be designed, printed, and distributed from there or meals on wheels could be prepared there. This is getting a way away from what I wanted to say.

Back to Maslow's hierarchy which is, I believe, best visualised as a pyramid. Without a job you probably aren't going to feel complete and will find yourself dipping in and out of depression. Except the kind of people on Benefit Street who have an unbelievably high feeling of entitlement. Unfortunately this is a problem created by policy makers. Welfare should not be free money so people can spend all day shopping and all night drinking to prop up a false economy. Welfare should be about helping those less fortunate find their way to participate in society.

There is no such thing as a dead end job. If you're good at it you will advance. Make a job a career.

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