When I said PIE!!!

... And did my bestest retard wave.
My then fiance wasn't impressed, her luggage was being carted around by an assistant guy at Heathrow. He was pretty confused because I was on my own. "No one is with you?" "No, they let us go outside on our own now." This was not the ostentatious public display of affection that my wife wanted but didn't want. For a few reasons. 1: I always try to make everything a joke. 2:I'm British.

Actually it's a deeper issue about self-esteem, confidence and being a wheelchair user. Well an unco-ordinated seemingly drunk wheelchair user. Anyway I'm at the top of my writing game. My best words are not yet written. So I'm going to wrap this introduction up with an unrelated photo and then write about politics. It's going to be the best blog.

So one thing that I am finding really entertaining is this guy called Donald Trump. His unedited speeches are pretty funny. It's been an infinite source of easy jokes for all the American late shows. But, underneath it all. It's the same thing.
The right versus the left. Well centre left.

Right & Left = Selfish & Selfless
It's all it is. Whichever country. The options are:
[] Selfish
[] Slightly less Selfish
[] Self Serving
[] Also Ran.

Less government = tax cuts
You get to keep your hard earned money.
Really only the wealthy benefit from tax cuts. Which you may think is fair but they are only wealthy because society has bestowed them riches or somewhere people have been cheated of their fair share or fate. All the cuts will of course effect the poorest and most vulnerable of a society first.
It is beyond me why people don't see this. Or they see this and just keep doing it because that's how it is. Q: Why are the poorly educated voting overwhelmingly Trump?

Anyway I just want to say that I'm sorry, I'm not sorry, that I'm writing blogs less often. The low engagement of this content is a great source of disappointment... I'll leave that open to interpretation.

I was going to write about artificial intelligence and make this post a prelude of an insightful dissertation on the true mystery of the universe: Life.

Jeremy Corbyn, he has some good ideas.
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When I did art

1997: Primary school
I'm eleven. We are writing poetry. I wrote this:
ok I've adjusted it - it wasn't spaced that way. It had less grammar. And I can only remember the first verse exactly. I'm positive there was at least a second verse about the fly. Why do I remember it 18 years later?

It should have five verses. The final verse being about death, decay and how cold, dark, and lifeless, the fly felt after I smashed it into the living room wall with a rolled up community newspaper.

When I wrote this, the first time - in school, I didn't understand it.

By the time I was eight I was convinced there was no God. I knew there couldn't be. Nothing made sense about the bible. Even metaphorically it doesn't work. Unless metaphor means: "Something else completely."

Speaking of theology. The first verse is about Intelligent Design.

Art is the exploration of, and subsequent recording of the subconscious in whatever medium chosen. Language, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Photography, Film making, VIDEO GAMES.

Art is still not properly valued, recognised, or understood in society.

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When I know it has been too long

So what is this about. I saw this and how people got upset but really it's just an il-conceived concept. Get over it!

The LEAST Racist person IN THE WORLD!!!
I am of course referring to future president (of the world!) Donald Trump. The best president that ever lived ever. He "will be so good at the military, your head will spin." He "will be the greatest jobs president god ever created." Obviously his "IQ is one of the highest"... I bet £50 with A that he will be the republican nomination.

Actual Blog Content


We went to the O2 and it was a really good venue. We stayed in a Hotel and travelled to and from the show by boat. It worked out well.


We went to see Paul Foot. Not much happened. Except the taxis wouldn't take power chairs. Then I saw a bus. It passed where we were going. Sometimes bus drivers don't take two chairs even though there is enough space. But on the way there the driver was nice enough to allow it.


I was going to Liverpool for a surprise 30th and as it happened the day before Paul Foot was doing a secret show. Unfortunately A wasn't able to come so instead I took my friend.

Liverpool 1 & 2
Surprise Parties. No.
Babies. No.

Other news

Mostly I've been working...

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When the future happens

This month I've not had much time to write my bloggy-wog. I completed a few projects and started new ones. Work is infinite. It's interesting though in a weird way. Better (more autonomous) software improve work flows. More efficient work flows mean more work can be done (faster, by less skilled or even fewer workers). Obviously automation improves accuracy as there is much less space for human error. There has been a 5000% reduction in the identification of insulting board across the Cheshire area in the last 2 years. This has greatly improved the situation regarding hostile work environments as far fewer obscenities are hurled at inspectors from seemingly innocuous panels.

At times I've considered how this sort of thing can be used to replace governments with like a global autonomous system. The problem is, those with power want more power not less. They want to maintain all the unfairness in the world. They don't want to share. They want to be selfish. So no matter how amazing it would be. How it would free everyone from debt and unshackle us from this bizarre notion that money is wealth and wealth is happiness. It is improbable.

Meanwhile Earth enters extinction phase. I am unable to understand why things like that are actually happening and the capitalist governments refuse to do anything* about it. *except make the situation worse.

Next month I'm going to see Paul Foot again and my Dad is going to stay with us for a bit.
Then, after that, wife and I are going to see:
Clue: Jamaican fella selling bananas, no one wants any. N.D.

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When I built a computer

Cola Related Failure
Recently I tried and failed to bring my 6 year old computer back to life. It was six years old but it was once a high performance machine so I was expecting a bit more than no life at all. I had to call it and resigned, saving the hard disk drives. So I hit Amazon and put together some components. I made a few revisements so that it ended up costing just under £500. Then Dan sourced even cheaper sellers who all dispatched stuff with varying levels of inefficiency.

This is what I got:

I'm still waiting for the solid state hard drive to be delivered. However, I decided to start putting the pieces together yesterday. I did record video so I might make a vlog of it in the future. I found it very frustrating though. I thought it'd all be easy like that time I thought I could still ride a bike.

Micro Electronics require some co-ordination to assemble and I lack that but I have much determination and a good amount of patience. So when something didn't go right I tried again and again and again and again. I eventually did get it all put together pretty well. It's the tidiest pc build I've done and it booted up first time.

I won't bore you with the technical details. This isn't the first computer I've put together. I've been playing with the insides of electronics since I was 10. I remember unscrewing the broken* VHS player in 1996 convinced I was going to use the PCBs to create an advanced robot. *it may not have been when I started unscrewing it.

It was difficult doing it from a wheelchair. Not impossible.

I'm going to see Mr Paul Foot telling his jokes tomorrow night. It should be fun :)
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When you should vote

OAPs probably shouldn't.
16 year olds probably should.

The greens didn't make much progress. Sigh.
I'm going to try to move to Brighton obviously that's what people have done. UKIP got quite a few second places which is a bit sad. Who the f votes tory? Don't they know any disabled/vulnerable/ill/poor people? The terrible, selfish, and ignorant fools.

Soon they'll be unemployed it's inevitable.

Anyway funny story. I was getting ready to go out and just fell forward smashing my face into the bathroom wall. Much blood escaped. Afterwards I went to vote. I arrive and say my address which obviously they mishear because my voice isn't clear. They think I said Lodge when I said Larch. They give me directions to another polling station. I get there after 10mins and they too mishear me. But when they can't find my name I realise they think I said Lodge. I straighten that out and they say where I need to go. Yes obviously I was at the right place first time.

After I've voted for the green candidates and got home my door shut. D'artagnan had sneaked out and when he realised he had no food outside he came back to whinge and scratch at the door. He had to wait a few minutes because I was transferring into my inside chair. Then he came running in.

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When I did a review

Before I get to KSP there has been some bullshit going on surrounding politics. Which sometimes I care about and sometimes I don't...

I think I need to stick to one topic and to post regularly. Maybe weekly, Like on Thursdays at 2am or something as arbitrary just so people know, Like at 11am on Friday rather than working they can be like "Hey I can read these observations about something a cripple wrote on the internets this morning because he posted them at 2am." Obviously I'll write the entries on the previous weekend. Oo new idea. So maybe I'll start to be less topical not that I am really but maybe more surreal. Does surreal comedy work on the internet?

Some say I tried that with Monkey News and the consensus of my coveted impressions graph was that it didn't work. However, to those sceptics I point to the following bullet points:

  • It wasn't an original idea (Though it was thought up in a head shaped like a fucking orange)
  • Monkey News isn't surreal it's just nonsense.
Alternatively I could write a (satirical) political blog from the perspective of someone who idolises Charlie Brooker, Jon Stewart, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and fictional characters like Eli from The Good Wife. (Played by Alan Cumming)

Or there are alway loads of things I could say about games. A lot of people write and read about computer games. They used to be a big part of my life. I started uni to start a career in the gaming industry. I don't play them much now. Infact I had to decide if I was going to write this or play a game I found the other week on my Saturday afternoon.

So this week I'm going to leave this blog like a confused teenage girls blog but instead of a random review of some beauty product I'm going to write my first thoughts about:

Kerbal Space Program


I saw this game on steam and my interest was piqued. A game where you get to manage a fictional peoples space program. Kerbals are cute and comical and they add elements of joy to a game. Something big blockbusters (GTA aside) don't really do. I can see why this fundamental design decision was made and it really works. It gives much more room for just silly details that make the game fun rather than confining the game to realism. It's a shame the gaming industry focussed on the realism of a machine gun ravaging a newly created corpse. Great work on the detailed physics of excess blood guys!

Oh a contradiction in my first paragraph. What a surprise. To be fair I did enjoy the story mode in the last COD Modern Warfare I played (even morally incomprehensible parts were justified within the story) but the senseless murderfest of multiplayer. What is that? It's like comparing a well made 18 film with hardcore pornography. The kids of today are destined to become violent sociopaths.

So I got KSP. Started it up and it began loading 'Discombobulating combobulator' was the text on the screen! Oh my, bullfrogesque humour!
Bullfrog made games in the late 80s and 90s like Themepark, Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, and more. They were often filled with dry sarcasm, wit and well British humour. 
So I noticed a 'Training' menu I thought it'll just be wasd (basic movement controls), camera controls and the usual and went straight to career mode. Immediately the depth of the game was obvious. I meandered through and actually managed to find the assembly building.
I thought it was a pretty obvious UI. I started putting bits together to build my first ship. It helped that I could only choose one type of capsule, one fuel tank, and two engines - one solid fuel and one liquid fuel(from tank). Importantly I noticed the parachute. The comical tooltips were one of the little details of joy. So I went to the launchpad (yes you get to fly your creations!) I activated what I thought was the first stage, it turns out the 0 stage is the last - not the first. So my stages were backward. The parachute was activated but didn't deploy because I wasn't moving so I didn't realise the perilous situation the courageous but slightly dim witted Bob Kerman was heading for. I tried pressing space again and smoke starts to come from the middle of my rocket. The UI shows I'm burning rocket fuel Bobs lucky the rocket didn't explode because I hadn't put the thrust up. I pressed space a few more times. Finally we had a very brief lift off! The parachute caused all sorts of chaos with the ascent. Mainly that if was to choose a firework to describe it I'd pick a Catherine Wheel that then explodes and leaves no survivors apologies to Bob Kerman's family his demise was entirely in vein the result of my own gross incompetence.

I quit back to the main menu and clicked training. Wow is it detailed it's like the equivalent to a gcse course. How the fuck can I remember what a periapsis and apoapsis is and when to burn prograde or retro and that's just the orbiting bit! So I did the first two training then played a bit to reinforce this new found entirely useless knowledge I had learned. Turns out there is science to be done in this game and there are commercial missions to help with acquisition of funds and science and reputation.

So the learning curve is massive, it's not super dumbed down though obviously simplified somewhat and I love it for that. They've got the balance right. It's not mindless but there are no maths equations. It's very much a long term game that I'll find as fun in 5 years as I do now playing a couple nights a week.

Note there are space planes, bases, asteroids, other planets etc. I've only just embarked on leading my Kerbals to infinity. What KSP lacks in accessibility it more than makes up for in depth.

There is science to be done.
In memory of:
Bob Kerman - We all learn from mistakes.
Neil Kerman - MIA presumed still in a capsule orbiting the sun.
Jebedia Kerman - Bravely opened the hatch of his capsule and ventured outside. Only to let go of the fucking ladder and is now stuck in orbit.
Bill Kerman - In a stable orbit of Kermin(home planet) while trying to reach the Mun because the fuel ran out.
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When everything is ok

So we have finally applied for my wifes indefinite leave to remain. Last week. The most surprising things about this process have been:
The cost
It's not been cheap and the prices seem to double each year which brings me to:
The durations
Before you can apply for the ILR you now have to wait till you have lived in the UK (With appropriate visas) for 5 years. Luckily we could apply under the old rules (after the 2 year spousal visa)

It's not easy to be an immigrant (Unless within the EU) but why all the fuss? Why not let people live wherever they want?

We went to Southampton in February so my wifey could do the Life in the UK test. Which was a ridiculous test covering such important day to day knowledge like tudor infidelity, the importance of 4ft walls, the going rate for a dragon slaying during Arthurs fictitious rule, and the importance of the Welsh Assembly.

After she passed the test we went for dinner. We ate at pretty good Carribean place. Turtle Bay it was really good I'd recommend it.
conservativeLine breaks: con|ser¦va|tive
Pronunciation: /kənˈsəːvətɪv/ 
(Of a person, action, or motivelacking consideration for other peopleconcerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure:People vote conservative for selfish reasons

It's strange to me that anyone has right wing ideas. How can people justify it? "I earn £200k a week, and 50% tax is too much."

In other news I'm trying to finalise my ideas for a mobile game. I know for sure it wont be f2p (free to play). I loathe the constant nickle and diming (micro-transactions). Forcing gamers into endless real-world transactions is a literally gamebreaking mechanic.

It's not fun, it breaks immersion, and annihilates flow.

For an idea of some games I did try: eg 1 and eg 2.
Questions I'm hardly ever asked:
Will the next game be zombie based. Probably. I am going for mass market appeal.
Will it feature voice acting. Probably. But not my voices since I no longer have any vocal range.

The conclusion of this entry:
Sorry about not posting more regularly but I work too hard!

When I was on Oxford Street

The UK recently shut down for a couple days then it sort of rolled and pressed the snooze button yesterday and now it's back operating at normal efficiency. Which in every meaningful and meaningless way of measuring is pretty in-efficient. The fuss about sales seems more subdued this year. That's just something I have noticed, it's not leading anywhere.

Before this period of meaningless meaning I found myself on Oxford Street. It needs sorting out.
Why isn't it pedestrianized? Why aren't all the tube stations accessible to wheelchairs? I was following my wife -who took point travelling towards Selfridges. However, I lost her when someone stepped between our two chairs. It's always fun travelling alone in a wheelchair. "Are you OK?","Are you lost?", "Are you waiting for someone?"

Artists Impression
London is possibly the most uncaring city if you are outside. Inside a building everything changes. It's probably something to do with points. Obviously there are exceptions like people not from London, or  more accurately either foreigners or people from the disenchanted North.

I kept heading somewhere but eventually I gave up and started to follow closely behind a street cleaner pushing a big flashing sucking water squirty thing that people moved out the way of.

Then I waited for about two hours for A. While I was waiting a guy with a skateboard began a discourse. About access and the common struggle we shared because he had a bit of wood with wheels on and I can't walk. Reading that back I sound petty and sarcastic. Our dialogue was nothing like that though. It's important so you understand the story that I tell you I was wearing a scarf in what I'd describe as a continental-european way. It wasn't loose it was sort of elaborately looped around and the ends passed through loops from underneath. It began with "Do you speak English?" That's why I mentioned the scarf. The scarf isn't featured anymore in this true tale. Then he talked about the skateboard catastrophe. He asked what I was doing I told him I was just waiting here for my wife then we were going to watch Paul Foot do a secret show.

He didn't know who he was so he pulled out a tablet and found some youtube videos. He enjoyed them and said bye.

The tickets cost twelve thousand and twelve points each. Which was quite worth it. Richard who worked there carried me up and down the stairs which was good of him. The show was a little longer than the 1.89  hours advertised and we almost missed the last train home but we made it. It was an excellent show despite being perched on the most uncomfortable chair I've ever had the discomfort of encountering. Often I was so absolutely entertained I forgot about the agony.

Happy next thirty-one billion, five hundred and thirty-five million, nine hundred and eighty four thousand, seven hundred and twenty six milliseconds.

When I got my revenge

A while ago the postman delivered a package. What was unusual was his grin and the fact the parcel easily could have gone through the post box. There was no need for human interaction. Unnecessary people, all small talk, and people generally are annoying.

The package was for 'Steven Von Poopenstinker'.

Oh how he and my wife laughed.

What I did was: Did some cute graphics for a website promoting the no-nonsense corporate business software that von poopenstinker and Danielle have been developing.

Then  joked about how we can use them like merchandise. Like the insurance company that gives customers a meerkat toy. I thought that would be funny so I found someone on Etsy to make some toys...

I sent them to the office addressed to Danielle enclosed was a note: "Von sends his regards."

I love their expressions. They are pretty cute really.

We need to manufacture them in the thousands for our marketing campaign. Consumer focussed Asbestos and Fire Safety services.
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When I went to London Town Square last night

It's been a while since the last post. I've mainly been working which is only an interesting topic to half of the regular readers of this blog.

Yesterday we took a train to London. Originally we were going to go to meet my brother at Oxford Street to see the Christmas decorations, shop window displays, and then join the Hanukkah celebrations at Trafalgar square. We ended up being a bit late so we just went to the square and then ate at Garfunkle's. Which was way touristy but really warm inside which was ideal for my frozen extremities as it is for the foreign workforce. Ahah sorry I went a bit UKIP there... We'll go back to worship the corporations next week.

I got given a donut and a Menorah. Donuts are definitely better than wafer thin bits of stale bread.
Judaism is definitely the religion with the best tasting food.

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When the bus driver said no

We were invited to a very close friend of mines wedding over the weekend. It was in Aylesbury. So the day before my wife and I travelled to High Wycombe -the nearest Premier Inn. (Who I must say are pretty good with wheelchair user guests especially in the one near the Empire in London (Shepherds Bush). -this wasn't a paid for advertisement) It was to be a weekend plagued with transport problems.

When we reached Waterloo things started to go wrong. The rail assistance guy was useless and felt he had to repeatedly say "You don't pay extra for rail assistance." Like that somehow made up for his inability to problem solve. I didn't bother to point out that in actuality rail assistance is subsidised by the cost of rail tickets. His idea of travel assistance was to lead us to Waterloo Tube Station where the guy at the entrance informed us that the destination or the surrounding stops had no step free access. He said "right then ok well make your own way." Or something. Luckily then someone from the underground came to offer more help. -eg took us to a bus stop and said wait for 489 or something.

This inconvenience wasn't much of a problem. The problem was I'd bought the tickets for the underground and when I booked the assistance I was told "If the underground is not accessible we'll arrange a taxi for you." Next time I travel to marylebone I won't buy underground tickets.

Artists impression.

So yeah we got to High Wycombe and the assistance was great there. They called a taxi for us and one of them waited with us. He was Ryan and he was really friendly and chatted with us while we waited. He paid for the taxi out of his own money which was pretty decent.

The next day I was travelling to the ceremony in Aylesbury. I was going alone and meeting up with my wife at the reception. Because of her pain condition. Bus 300 took  ~58mins to reach Aylesbury and I could, or so I thought, board at Morrisons. So I left the hotel just after 10am. I was supposed to be early to meet my Dad and Sister in the pub opposite.

I'm at the stop and the bus pulls in the doors pop open. "I'm taking a buggy [pram] there's no space." I reply "But wheelchairs have preference." Because that's the law of the land. "No you don't." Snarks the bus driver. "Take the train." So I ask. "What's your full name and employer?" Then the doors shut and he drove off.

These aren't the actual words. But that's how it seemed.
So I went to take the train. It wasn't a direct train and it only came every hour. So I was late. I arrived as they left! Oh and I was cold and wet because as soon as the bus driver refused to let me on it started to rain. Which was completely the bus company's fault!

Ok so why should the pram move? Because it's f...ing possible. You fold up the pram and hold the baby on your lap.

"But my pram doesn't fold." Well f...ing don't get on the bus till you have one that does, or relinquish the space voluntarily.

But what if the bus already had a wheelchair user on, you would still be upset?
"There are around 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK, roughly 2 per cent of UK population"
 NHS purchasing and supply agency 2000
"Less than 8 per cent of disabled people use wheelchairs."
 Papworth Trust disability facts and figures 2010
(<8% of ~20% so < 2%)

It's not really likely. It has happened a couple times but it doesn't cause you to think about the chances the next bus is taking a pram and the lacking disability training. Which is why I went to take the train. I'd have waited for the next bus if that was the case.

So yeah people are selfish I just read a statistic that 38% of people believe disabled people are a burden on society. Interestingly roughly 38% of people are out of work. I'm not saying they are the same people but I am saying that when I'm out and need help with a door or something it's usually the smartly dressed professionals who offer help not the tracksuit and legging clad stereotypical benefit claimants.

28% believe there is ill feeling around perceived extra support. I've been there needing personal care and help taking a shower. Extra support is no picnic. I think genuinely disabled people if they had a choice would choose not to need support.

27% believe disabled people are treated differently because there is a lack of knowledge around disability. I'm not sure what that even means. People should be treated differently. Like rail assistance don't need to follow everyone around laying a ramp over the gap. There should be better education in schools for sure. 65% of people admit avoiding disabled people because they don't realise we are all people! That statistic is pretty depressing.

The bold% are from BT - 'Ready, Willing and Disabled Event 2011

Society isn't that good to wheelchair users. We have our ramps and people to lay ramps but most people think that's enough. Life is often significantly shorter, accomplishments significantly harder to achieve, often quality of life is substantially lower, and independence is discussed with people who are either under qualified or grossly incompetent. Or if you do find you have a social worker who understands and represents your best interests... They lose their job -thanks Austerity cuts!

When will the nightmare end

Friday began with a trip to the Golden Arches to get a couple McMuffins. Which I brought home and we ate. I fell asleep with my head on the table. At lunchtime Sarah from the newspaper came around to take some photographs. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/spooktacular-flat-is-transformed-into-a-halloween-haven-1-6392102 There was also a story here:

In the evening we went out for a meal and to watch a movie. To celebrate Halloween and our 2nd wedding anniversary. Originally we were going to leave at around 5-6. However, there was someone who came trick or treating so we decided to wait until later to leave.

We headed out. It could just be this area but 3-4 times on the way to where we were going we got some unnecessary attention. Pointing, laughing, and stuff.

It continued throughout the night. A was really upset by one encounter on the way from the restaurant to the cinema. (A short distance, some may say a stones throw away.) There was a group of people, Revellers even, one of them jumped in front of her - so she stopped. "Oh my god, isn't she just disgusting, look at her she makes me sick..." he was part of a group of about a dozen and no one thought to stop what was happening.

We went to see Horns which was an interesting film. It begins well and it hooks you. It has a good few comical moments. If you're a Daniel Radcliffe fan I'd say to check it out. It is a little sad but any emotional response is soon squashed when the film pushes too far into the fantastical. It's essentially a tragic tale. Gratuitous tits, superfluous comedy, even a scene of homosexuality, drug abuse, and debauchery. A classical bit of drama. This isn't much of a review really.

The plan was to open presents when we got in. The cats had a different plan. Somehow they had (again) clambered up the velvet covering our sideboard which had (again) caused everything on top to now not be. (Again!) This broke a spooky snowglobe A had found in TK Max. So there was glass, water, and bits all over the floor...

When you shouldn't vote

Thinking back to the scottish referendum... The voter turnout was pretty impressive. I thought surely that the UK was breaking up. For general elections (those popularity contests were identical puppets compete to allegedly represent peoples voices in a far away mystical tower of whiteness) the turnout is probably 65% which is infuriating. Are 65% of 18+ convinced by this illusion of choice? For the yes, no question 84.5% of Scottish people over 16 wasted their time voting.

Novel way of counting

I'm not saying it has always been a waste of time nor am I belittling the efforts of people who have campaigned about voter rights. I am saying today the political system is completely corrupt and not upto date. Why can't there be systems for immediate referendum and a more direct form of democracy. Like they have in Sweden but online. Then weird counting methods that look suspicious wouldn't happen.

Also Russell Brand did a book. It's pretty good. You can download it free* here: http://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Biographies-Memoirs/Revolution-Audiobook/B00OKQJYG6
*as part of a free 30 day trial which is £7.99/month usually.

Oh and in other news, hoverboards soon.
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When we ate vegan

In summer just passed while we were in London we met up with my brother and his girlfriend. We ate at 222 Veggie Vegan which seemed much less busy than it ought to be. Probably because we got their real early.
The food was excellent and eating vibrant food full of exciting flavours was really refreshing. It's definitely one of the best places I've eaten.
 It was a shame we didn't have the time to enjoy a three course meal. We had to get to the Empire immediately after we ate. I was quite disappointed I didn't get to try any of the deserts.
If you're ever around West Kensington, London head to 222 North End Road!

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